Welcome to the EduMIPS64 documentation!

EduMIPS64 is a MIPS64 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) simulator. It is designed to be used to execute small programs that use the subset of the MIPS64 ISA implemented by the simulator, allowing the user to see how instructions behave in the pipeline, how stalls are handled by the CPU, the status of registers and memory and much more. It is both a simulator and a visual debugger.

The website for the project is http://www.edumips.org, and the code is hosted at http://github.com/EduMIPS64/edumips64. If you find any bugs, or have any suggestion for improving the simulator, please open an issue on github or send an email at bugs@edumips.org.

EduMIPS64 is developed by a group of students of the University of Catania (Italy), and started as a clone of WinMIPS64, even if now there are lots of differences between the two simulators.

This manual will introduce you to EduMIPS64, and will cover some details on how to use it.

The first chapter of this manual covers the format of source files accepted by the simulator, describing the data types and the directives, in addition to command line parameters. In the second chapter there’s an overview of the subset of the MIPS64 instruction set that is accepted by EduMIPS64, with all the needed parameters and indications to use them. The third chapter is a description of the Floating Point Unit and its instruction set. The fourth chapter is a description of the user interface of EduMIPS64, that explains the purpose of each frame and menu, along with a description of the configuration dialog, the Dinero frontend dialog, the Manual dialog and command line options. The fifth chapter contains some useful examples.

This manual describes EduMIPS64 version 1.3.0.